Questions About Premium IPTV Services

Frequently Asked Questions

IPTV, or Internet Protocol Television uses the internet to send programming straight to your TV. The technology uses your home's internet broadband connection to give you access to the latest TV shows without needing a satellite dish. Simply connect the receiver to the IPTV and your TV, relax and enjoy!

Traditional satellite service requires a dish installation that acts as the receiver for the TV programming. In some cases, such as when you're living in an apartment, having traditional satellite is out of the question. Using IPTV, you can get a better picture at a lower cost than a satellite TV service.

All you'll need to set up an IPTV subscription are the following:

  1.  A high speed internet connection of at least 4 Mbps.
  2.  A smart TV.
  3.  The IPTV receiver.

You can check your internet speed by going to and clicking on the "test" button. For the best and most accurate results, do the internet speed test several times during the day. You'll have an idea of what your broadband internet speed is. Keep in mind that our IPTVs have a minimum requirement of at least 4 Mbps.

Yes, you can! In fact, premium IPTV is the best option for apartment residents who want to experience watching international programming. IPTV can be used anywhere there's an internet connection, including high-rise and apartment buildings. If you travel frequently, you can take your IPTV with you and watch on the go or on any location with high-speed internet.

Didn't qualify for satellite TV service due to location, the line of sight problems and others? Don't worry, as you can buy IPTV and still get to watch your favorite television shows. IPTV uses the internet to send international programming to your TV. If you have a broadband connection of at least 4 Mbps or higher, you qualify for IPTV.

We recommend checking your internet connection as the first step. Turn your router on and off, then do the same for your device, then try again. If your internet is working, someone else in your household may be using the IPTV. You may not see the programming as it's restricted to only one device at any given time.

Certainly! We offer IPTV services to anyone who needs it. Get the best IPTV provider by clicking here.

IPTV will work on any and all compatible devices but TV programming is restricted to one device only at any given time.

We accept payment via PayPal, Bitcoin and other payment options on a secure gateway. Currency is automatically converted and there are no hidden fees.

You can start watching international programming as soon as your subscription is confirmed and you receive your activation steps in your email.

Double check and see if you've entered the activation details correctly.

Make sure your internet is online. Restart the router and the device, then try again.

IPTV programming can run slow if you're using the internet for other things, such as watching online videos, downloading large files or playing bandwidth-heavy games.

The minimum requirement for IPTV service is at least 4 Mbps download speed and 1 Mbps upload speed.

For modems, routers, Android boxes or set top boxes, we recommend turning the device off for 30 seconds then turning it back on.

To get the best IPTV experience, we recommend connecting the device via cable modem instead of the Wi-Fi.

Check and see if a household member or another device is using your account.

For service restoration, please use a computer and get your internet's IP address by visiting this website:, then send it to our support staff.

Check and see if the program, app or device is the latest version and has the latest firmware update.

There may be an issue with your home network if the transmission speed is lower than your total bandwidth, i.e., if you have a 50 Mbps connection and the IPTV device is receiving less than 4 Mbps.

Find and close any apps, software or program running in the background, then try the IPTV service again.

Check and see if there's an issue with your ISP, or Internet Service Provider. You can do this by going on or any similar site.

Uninstall the program, app or software and reinstall it again. Don't worry, this will not deactivate your IPTV account.

We do our best to provide quality international TV programming for all our customers. Kindly allow us time to get a particular channel fixed as soon as possible. In the meantime, you can report a broken channel by doing the following:

Step 1. Stop and wait for a few minutes to allow the issue to resolve itself. Sometimes our IPTV servers swap or reboot channels, which is part of maintenance procedure.

Step 2. Are you experiencing no service on only one channel or all of them? If so, proceed to the troubleshooting section.

Step 3. Shut off your device, wait for a minute then turn it back on again. Do the same for your modem, router, Android or set top box.

Step 4. Make sure you're connected to the IPTV via ethernet cable and not Wifi.

If for some reason a particular channel freezes or pauses, we recommend switching channels for a few seconds, then going back. Pauses can happen if the transmission from the IPTV to our servers are delayed, but it shouldn't cause any more problems.

Buffering can be due to high internet usage or low internet speed. Here are some possible causes on why this is:

Your internet connection is the most likely culprit. Is someone in your house using the internet, watching streaming videos or music, downloading large files or playing bandwidth-extensive games? Have them stop, then try the IPTV again.

We recommend connecting the IPTV via LAN cable and not Wifi to get the best possible watching experience.


Connect your IPTV through the LAN cable or a powerline adapter.

Move the box closer to your router.

Pause your TV for 10 to 30 seconds in order for the internet to catch up. Sometimes it's all that's needed to continue watching without interruption.

Change your Wifi channel to a less-used one.

For set top boxes such as AVOV or MAG, you will need to do a hard reset before setting up our IPTV device. To do this, shut off the device, unplug, wait for a minute then plug it back in. Kodi devices will need to perform a cache clear (see the manual for instructions). If this doesn't work, you may need to reinstall the Kodi app or software.

Some channels may experience decoder issues when all you hear is sound without a picture. Here's what you can do to resolve the problem:

Step 1. Head to the devices or app's setting.

Step 2. Select "native" on decoder options.

Step 3. Go back, restart the device and try the channel again.

Though we do our best to display all channels, some of them may not be working 100% of the time. This can be due to app or device incompatibility, or if the particular channel is experiencing technical difficulties.

If your M3U Link isn't working, check the VLC software on your computer. Also, make sure that there aren't any spaces when you're entering the M3U Link on your other devices. If the problem is not resolved we recommend contacting our support staff for help.

Kindly see if there's no other family member using your IPTV account.

if this is the case, we recommend finding out your device's IP address by going to this website-, then sending it to our support staff so we can restore your IPTV account. Only one device may watch IPTV at any given time, and your account may be blocked from use as part of our security system.

Please keep in mind that we can only restore your account for 2 times maximum. Otherwise, your account may be banned due to violation of policy.

Kindly check the following:

Is the MAC address you sent us correct?

Please don't use VPNs, proxies or firewalls, or you won't be able to connect.

Is your internet speed at least 4 Mbps for standard channels and at least 8 Mbps for HD channels?

Make sure you're not connected via Wifi or mobile data. We recommend a LAN connection for a more stable and smoother viewing experience.

Does your device specifications meet or exceed live HD streaming?

For STB emulators, we recommend you follow the steps in the Android STB emulator guide. Try clearing the emulator app's cache, restarting the device and try again.

For MAG boxes, we recommend resetting your device then trying again. If it's still not working, log out, do a factory reset and try again.

Double check the server portal detail in the activation email we sent you. Is it the right one?

Blueiptv allows one user at each time. So, you have just a receiver for each subscription package.

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Yes, but not outside the country where it has been activated. Once you try to watch it outside its country of activation, your subscription service will stop working due to the difference in IP.

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Blueiptv IPTV server delivers top-notch picture quality in both SD and HD that you can’t compare the quality to other online streaming platforms.

Our full list of channels is available on our website. You can check it out.

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We prioritize customer satisfaction in all our dealings, and we do well to reply to any question, ticket or request on time.