Discover How Simple It Really
Is to Make Money with BlueIPTV Reseller Program

Are you actually aware that there are millions of TV enthusiasts out there looking for IPTV services? Fortunately, we can reach them through you. With an IPTV dashboard, generating your own lines and distributing them to users is entirely possible. Therefore, if you’ve been looking to start your own IPTV services, then this is the right time. Join BlueIPTV as a reseller and chase your financial success dream all the way to reality.

The Benefits of IPTV Reseller Panel

With the help of BlueIPTV reseller program, you can earn a lot of profit. Your panel comes with special tools and features for ease of sale. Line management, user management, one-tier sales management system, and support are no longer a hassle like they used to be in the past; you get all the services from a single dashboard. Our reseller program comes with the following perks:


IPTV Reseller's Program Introduction

Features of IPTV Dashboard


Sell Under Your Private Label

With BlueIPTV program, you can design your brand and logo with just a few clicks, and sell our IPTV services under your own private label. Setting up a DNS with your own brand means that features such as dashboard URL, MAG portal address, EPG source, and stream host-name will exclusively be under your brand name.


How Does IPTV Dashboard Work?

As our reseller, you will start selling IPTV services for whatever prices you want. To take this step, firstly you will need to have a balance in your dashboard. For every €1, you will get 1 credit, and you need a minimum of 150 credits.


How Do You Get Started with IPTV Reseller Program?

You can start making money as a BlueIPTV reseller by first opening a reseller account, and then marketing our services to potential clients.


How Does the Reseller Account Work?

With the reseller account, you don’t have to worry about time, as the account is not in any way time-limited. The account remains functional as long as it has credits; there is nothing like account expiration. When the account runs low on credit, you can just top up and continue selling IPTV services to your pool of customers. To operate a one-month reseller account, for instance, you will need to buy five credits.


Can IPTV Resellers Own a URL?

Absolutely yes. You’re free to complete our BlueIPTV reseller DNS form at the time you’re purchasing your account. If by any chance you happened not to fill in the form, you can reach out to our support staff to change your DNS. Nonetheless, the responsibility to create and manage your DNS rests solely on you.



With the BlueIPTV reseller program, pricing has never been more straightforward. Make a deposit, and you will receive a bonus. Our pricing is designed in a very flexible way, with large deposits coming with more profits. You can use our simple calculator to see the bonus awarded on each deposit you make.

Join us & become a BLUE IPTV reseller!